About Us


It has always been my passion to work with dogs. As a child, I was fortunate to grow up in a household that fostered a strong respect and compassion for animals and their overall welfare. As I grew into an adult, it became my apparent passion to work with dogs, so I began to study dog behavior and started to volunteer as a walker at a dog shelter. Along my path of helping our four legged friends, I have acquired a great joy and balance in my life and I am now committed to helping others with their unbalanced dogs so they may find that joy too! I know that dogs can be our greatest companion and a source of great pleasure, but without the right attention, they can also end up being a great source of pain (chewed up shoes, excessive barking, attacking other dogs, etc). I believe that exercise is crucial for your dog’s overall development in order to prevent these behavioral issues. Also, by creating new challenges in your dog’s life I can help build your dog’s confidence and ultimately help you to have that companionship you’ve always wanted with your pet.

“Dog’s best friend”